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"Stand For The Flag"
Sung by Gordon Mote

"Stand For The Flag"  was written by Gene Schmidt & Gary Forsythe to honor all that our American flag represents, and to be a musical tribute to all of the brave soldiers in our military, both past and present, who've sacrificed their hearts, families, and in some cases, their very lives  to protect the freedoms we all experience and enjoy in this country.   In these incredibly divisive times, when patriotism is often scorned, and the truth about the cost of our freedoms is either ignored or discounted, we pray that you will speak freely your convictions, enjoy your freedom, and stand up for the flag, regardless of your political party, passionate concerns or beliefs.
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Written By Gene Schmidt & Gary Forsythe
Copyright 2020, Zamar Global Publishing (BMI) & CollisionPoint Publishing (ASCAP) 
Produced by Gary Forsythe @ CollisionPoint Studios, Nashville TN
Ell Gtr - Brad Miller / BGV -Judy Felts / All other Tracks -Gary Forsythe 
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