The Relentless Unstoppable Clock

“That second hand keeps turning, that candle wick keeps burning, it’s a one-lap race to the finish-line and this ain’t no practice life, no! A moment lived is a moment spent, are we loving large or wasting it, are we focused on the things that really matter? Oh this life keeps rushing by at the speed of sound, and there’s no second time around” (lyrics from “No Second Time Around” by Gary Forsythe, ©2018 Collisionpoint Publishing, Ascap)

We are almost two weeks into the official release of my new album “Midlife Son”, and I am already hearing great things from listeners regarding how the songs are impacting their lives. That excites me! I believe in this collection of songs, and that the message and theme in this project really needs to be heard. And yes, there is a theme and design in it all, although it seems to be more of a God thing and artistic genius (I make no claim in any way to the genius thing). This collection of songs is truly reflective of my life journey and who I am as a person, authentically echoing my life experiences on the way to turning 60. While there are many light and joyful moments to be tasted in these songs, the majority of the stories and lyrics will touch a deeper and more tender place in the heart, especially for anyone who is in the second half of their life, pondering lost dreams, past regrets, the speed of time and/or the empty nest of parenting. But I believe this is “great cheap therapy” if you get the drift. It is precisely these meaningful musical moments that make this work relevant as opposed to trivial and empty.

Author/Speaker Richard Rohr talks about the five essential truths of life. They are:

Life is hard.

You are not that important.

Your life is not about you.

You are not in control.

You are going to die.

These profound truths become seriously evident when one hits that mid-point in their life.I actually believe that most of us in the western world spend a majority of our time and effort complaining about number 1, desperately fighting to prove number 2 wrong, rebelling against number 3, refusing to accept number 4 (we are determined to live with the illusion of control) and ignoring (running from) the frightening reality of number 5.But no matter how hard we fight it and how well we play our cards, nothing we do can change any of these five things because they are reality. Fame doesn’t change them.Wealth doesn’t change them. Activism doesn’t change them. Education doesn’t change them. Power doesn’t change them. And, well, you get the point.I actually believe that the very essence of our empty culture is the result of running from (and living disconnected) from these five things.

But what if there were seven and not just five.Well, I have added two to my list and here they are:

The second hand keeps turning

We are all headed somewhere fast

It is in the context of those two final truths that most of the songs on “Midlife Son” find there relevance. It is my hope that people will check it out (and buy it -yes please buy it), take the time to really “hear” the songs, contemplate the deeper thoughts in them and refocus on what matters most: God, people and eternity.This side of eternity, we get one shot, one chance, and only one life to live out before God and men.There’s no second time around. Strangely enough, that is the title of the new single form this new album. Take a listen.

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