Digital Multitrack Recording (priced by the hour, song or project)
Full Album Production - Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Voice-Over Recording

Stand-alone Mastering
Demo Recording
Producer For Hire
Midi Orchestration
Midi Drum Programming and Arranging

Player for Hire

Songwriting Services
Song Evaluation & Co-writing
Audio/Video File Conversion


At CollisionPoint Studios, we offer a wide range of services that can meet most any recording and/or production need.  CP Studios is the perfect solution for the artist or songwriter who has a limited budget but needs to record a great CD or song demo that sounds much more expensive than it is.  Because I do most of the tracking, recording and mixing myself, extra expenses are discretionary and controlled by your specific needs/budget.  And while I don’t have separate tracking rooms and work mostly “inside the box”, I still have a long list of some of Nashville’s top musicians and singers to call-in for overdubs, background vocals and special tracking services when requested.  I can also work long-distance with musicians and vocalists as needed via file sharing and session integration.  Yes, technology can be the musician’s friend!  

Now, being an honest man, I always try to shoot straight.  So let me clearly say that if you want to pay big money for a big Nashville studio with multiple tracking rooms, A-list musicians and the convenience of a live band tracking session, CP Studios is not your solution.  There are reasons that those studios and musicians cost what they do and they are certainly worth it when working with high-end budgets.   

But if you are like most artists and songwriters I know who are looking for a great product at a very affordable budget, I would love to hear from you.  Please take a moment to look over our list of services above.  CP Studios really is “The little studio that could”.


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