From CollisionPoint Publishing 

Gary Forsythe

"OneTake Christmas"

Contemplative Solo Piano Arrangements to Bless Your Christmas Season

After a long hard year of studio production, stressful pandemic living and urgent work deadlines, I needed a bit
of musical therapy.  So I just came up to the studio at various moments, hit record, and played whatever arrangement came to me in one take.  It wasn't planned.  It just happened.  These were recorded

between November 26th and December 10th (2021). I hope you find these quiet, contemplative
arrangements a joyful add to your Christmas music listening experience.
These can be downloaded for free as my gift to you.  Note that the "continuous play" track at the end plays through the whole album in the order I love most.  Merry Christmas!
All spontaneous arrangements by Gary Forsythe.
Produced and recorded by Gary Forsythe @ CollisionPoint Studios - Spring Hill ,TN
©2021 - CollisionPoint Publishing

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