By Gary Forsythe

"Midlife Son" is a special collection of songs that will touch your heart, make you think and bring you comfort in the midst of loss, regret, the empty nest and the hurried passing of time.  Gary's musical ponderings and real life stories gently remind us 
that hope is alive and well for every  believer who can embrace grief and  loss, focus on eternity, and live out their life in the latter innings with heaven on their minds.  Oh, and there's the dog song.  Well, you've gotta 

have something to laugh about!  

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Going There With You
The new album by CPP artist Paul Dengler 

Paul Dengler is an artist, poet, songwriter, singer  (think Randy Newman), Forrest Gump impersonator and author of "Pray For Shrimp".   "Going There with You" is a collection of original songs that embrace the love, hope, struggles,  joy and questions of  life.

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Featured Songs
Take Time To Smell The Roses - Gary Forsythe
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Find Me Here - Adrienne Counts (G. Forsythe, © 2011)
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Hear the CollisonPoint song "8 Days" in the offical movie trailer. 

Written by Gary Forsythe & Ilonka Deaton © 2014 Collisionpiont Publishing & Lonkilu Music

Lizabella Giffen's  - "Beauty Lives In Broken Places

Written  and produced by Gary Forsythe, © 2012 CollisionPoint Publishing

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