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Gary Forsythe is a musician, songwriter and producer who lives in Nashville, TN.  He moved to Nashville from North Texas eleven years ago to seriously pursue the arts of songwriting and producing.   Since those early days here, he has had numerous songs published and/or recorded on both independent projects and on the Brentwood-Benson label.  One of Gary's songs was included in the Dove Award nominated musical, "My Savior, My God" and he has songwriter/producer credits on projects with Brentwood Kids Music. Five years ago, Gary formed Collision-Point Publishing and Studios to serve as a creative force for writing and producing great songs that speak into the deeper questions, struggles and joys of life.   His songs cover multiple genres including Country, Pop, Rock, Folk, Indie, Americana, Gospel, Contemporary Worship and CCM.   In 2013, Gary was honored to co-write the theme song for the independent film "8 Days", a powerful movie highlighting the tragedies of human sex trafficking.   

Although Gary focuses mainly on songwriting and producing for other voices and artists, he still loves writing songs for himself from time to time and loves performing those songs when the opportunities arise.  His soon to be released album. "Time Flies" is a thematic and meaningful collection of such songs.  Gary says "Music is one of my three great passions in life,  along with God and family. I view life from a Christian/philosophical perspective, and seek to write songs that say something important with lyrics that are honest, vulnerable and contemplative  From my point of view, life is too short and the world is too desperate for anything less". Time Flies will release in early 2017.

 Paul Dengler is an artist, poet, singer-songwriter, Forrest Gump impersonator and author of "Pray For Shrimp". "Going There with You" is a collection of original songs that embrace the love, hope, struggles,  joy and questions of life.

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